About Our Hay

Hay, Not Weeds, Is For Horses…

“Mixed grass hay” is a term that often makes some horse owners cringe because they almost always never know what they are getting. Every bale is a mystery of briars, noxious weeds, and unpalatable grasses tied up with string. And horses KNOW the difference between grass and weeds… often more-so than their owners. 

For that reason, “mixed grass hay” is often the most avoided type of hay product. Why? Because it usually means that the grass has been cut from fields that have had little to no care and maintenance given to the soil or what is growing out of it. Experience with these types of hay producing practices give “mixed grass hay” a bad name… but not at Hey Hay Farms. 

The mixed grass hay that WE produce results in a premium quality product due to careful management practices given to each field to ensure optimal and nutritious growth of nutritious grass… and NOT weeds. 

Hey Hay Farms